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Your Wedding

Your wedding is a joyful celebration of your love and commitment. I am dedicated to working with you to create a memorable wedding ceremony that is true to the two of you and honors your cultural and faith traditions.

How do we do that? We meet at least three times before your wedding (in person if/ when you are in the greater San Francisco Bay Area; by phone if you’re just flying in for your wedding). We are also in contact by phone and email.

In our first meeting, we take the time to get to know one another and I find out what matters most to you. I answer any questions you have about me and about how we will plan and celebrate your wedding together. I also sing for you to give you a sense of how that would sound in your ceremony. If you are interested in contacting one of the couples I’ve worked with in the past about their experience, I would be happy to arrange that.

In our second meeting, we craft your wedding ceremony together, both the elements and the language. This assures that your ceremony is a true expression of who you are and what you find meaningful, whether you are Jewish, interfaith or non-denominational; traditional
or progressive; spiritual, cultural or religious; a heterosexual or same-sex (GLBT) couple; musical, nature-loving and/or intellectual.

We draw on the beauty and wisdom of Jewish tradition in ways that ring true to you. If there is another tradition that is important to you, from another culture or another faith, we weave that in as well. (I respect, appreciate and have experience with a wide variety of spiritual, cultural and religious approaches.)

Afterward, I send you a draft of your wedding ceremony for your review. We meet a third time to go through your ceremony and resolve any remaining questions. Most couples find that three meetings works well for them; if you prefer to meet again, I am glad to do so.

On your wedding day, I arrive well before the wedding and stay as long as you need me. If you choose to stay in touch with me after your wedding, I will welcome that contact.

To contact Rabbi Miriam: (510) 524-1818 or RabbiMiriam@JewishInterfaithWeddings.org.

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